About ZJL
  • Zhejiang Library Trustee

    President :


    Jing Xiandong                 Chairman and CEO of ANT FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP, Deputy to the 12th Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the CPPCC


    Vice-President :


    Wang Shuifu                   Chairman of XIZI UHC, Deputy to the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress 


    Executive Director :


    Chu Shuqing                  Director of Zhejiang Library 


    Members (Sort by Chinese surname strokes):


    Zhong Jianzhong           Deputy Director of the Public Service Division of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism 


    Xu ting                           Chief Reporter of Zhejiang Satellite TV, Deputy to the 12th National People's Congress, Member of Zhejiang Youth Union


    Li Fangzheng                Teacher of Hangzhou Xuejun High School, Voluntary Supervisor of Zhejiang Library


    Shen Guoquan              Deputy Director, Culture and News Division, Zhejiang Foreign Affairs Office


    Chen Sanlian                 Secretary-General of Zhejiang Lawyers Association, Deputy to the 11th and 12th Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the CPPCC


    Chen Yi                          Director of the Ancient Books Department of Zhejiang Library


    Yuan Min                        Vice-President of Zhejiang Writers Association, Deputy to the 10th and 11th Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the CPPCC


    Xu Jie                             Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhejiang Library, Deputy to the 11th and 12th Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the CPPCC


    Pan Limin                       Director of Yunhe County Library

  • Leadership

    Hu Hairong            Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Deputy Director (Presided over the work)
    Xu Jie                    Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee
    Li Jianying             Deputy Director
    Zhu Yechen           Deputy Director
  • General Office

    Responsible for coordinating Party affairs and operation of the library, supervising the implementation of important meeting decisions, and undertaking Party building, discipline inspection, secretarial work, and archives.

  • Business Coordination & Operation Management Office

    Responsible for coordinating the comprehensive business management of the entire library; for the daily work of the Secretariat of the Central Library Committe and of the Library Society; for business guidance, planning, analysis, and statistics of the library; and for inter-library business coordination and cooperation.

  • Human Resources Department

    Responsible for the personnel management of the whole library, undertaking the work of talent team building, employment, salary management, continuing education, etc., and assisting the higher-level competent units in the training and evaluation of professional library talents across the province.

  • Assets Management & Finance Department

    Responsible for the overall management of the assets and finances of the entire library, the construction of internal control system, state-owned assets management, budget and final accounts management, and financial accounting.

  • Acquisitions and Cataloguing Department (Acquisitions and Cataloguing Center of Zhejiang Province, OCLC Co-operative Cataloging Center)

    Responsible for the construction and guarantee of the entire library's document resources, including the overall management of document acquisition, the construction and maintenance of bibliographic data, thematic bibliographic integration, document exchange, Co-operative Cataloging with OCLC, etc., and coordinating and guiding the joint construction and sharing of document resources across the province.

  • Academic Research Department (Journal Editorial Department, Public Cultural Research Center)

    Responsible for the planning and guidance of the entire library's academic research, including academic forums, journal editing, public libraries and public cultural research, and international exchange business.

  • Public Affairs Department (Secretariat of Zhejiang Library Council)

    Responsible for the expansion and management of socialized cooperation projects, including the planning, negotiation and evaluation of projects, the daily work of the secretariat of the foundation and the council, and the management of the cultural volunteer service team.

  • Technology Research and Development Department

    Responsible for the informatization construction and information security of the entire library, including the construction, management and maintenance of information infrastructure, new technology applications and services, and providing technical support for the construction of digital libraries and smart libraries.

  • General Management Department (Infrastructure Project Office of Zhijiang Library)

    Responsible for the security and property management of the entire library, comprehensive management, fire safety, logistics management, procurement and bidding, daily supervision of custody business, and construction projects of the new Zhijiang Library.

  • Literature Circulation Department

    Responsible for the daily management and lending services of documents in circulation, including book recommendation, consultation and special group services, and coordinating and guiding the joint construction and sharing of literature resources in circulation across the province.

  • Stack Management & Reading Services Department

    Responsible for the management and services of the collections of library other than the special collections, including stack room management, subject reading, consultation, and reading promotion.

  • Digital Resource & Service Department

    Responsible for the construction, management and service of digital resources of the whole library, including the construction of characteristic resource library, collection, processing, integration and promotion of digital resources, information services, online consultation; and coordinating and guiding the construction and service of digital resources across the province.

  • Ancient Books Department

    Responsible for the collection, sorting, protection, service and research of ancient books and historical documents, including reading service, consultation, ancient book restoration, promotion, along with the daily work of the Provincial Antiquities Protection Center.

  • Local Literature Department (Archival Library of Zhejiang Publications, Book Collection Culture Research Center, Zhejiang Chorography Library)

    Responsible for the construction, management, service and research of local literature, including reading service, consultation, collection of literature published in Zhejiang, construction of Zhejiang bibliography and literature, research on Zhejiang literature collection; and coordinating and guiding the construction of local literature across the province.

  • Reading Promotion Department

    Responsible for the overall management of the reading promotion activities of the whole library, including the planning, organization and implementation of social and cultural activities, lectures, and exhibitions, and coordinating and guiding the public reading promotion work of the province.