Since its establishment, Zhejiang Library has paid great attention to the collection of local literature. Up to now, a large-scale and self-contained local literature resource system has been built, in which the number of collection has reached about 160,000 types and 210,000 volumes, including the writings of Zhejiang natives and materials that are produced in or related to Zhejiang province. The Zhejiang local literature is rich in content, different in forms and distinctive in features. To sum up, the following are the key documents stored in the library : 1) complete series of county towns in Zhejiang Province; 2) rich and varied unpublished manuscripts of Zhejiang scholars; 3) comprehensive and systematic local chronicles and yearbooks; 4) frequently used genealogy documents ; 5) valued CPPCC literature and history materials; 6) a large number of local woodcuts & engravings; 7) various types of stone rubbings. In addition, other types of Zhejiang local literature are also collected such as manuscripts, photos and author-signed documents of modern and contemporary figures, maps, audio-visual materials and contract documents, which offer resources to readers from all walks of life and the province's historical and cultural research by providing texts directly, holding exhibitions or giving references.