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* Zhijiang Library


The Zhijiang library, the main library of Zhejiang Library, officially opened on 29, August 2023. With a total investment of ¥660 million and a size of 85,000 square meters, this library has been hailed as a new cultural landmark in the Province. It is a comprehensive, research-oriented, and modern library, serving as the knowledge and information hub and library network center of Zhejiang Province.
By putting users at the core of library services and based on highly intelligent equipment, Zhijiang Library has built an extensive interconnection among people, libraries, and collection resources through high technologies such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing. Breaking the limitations of time, space and usage, it provides users with comprehensive, three-dimensional, and high-efficiency intelligent services, coupled with an advanced, green and sustainable library model, and an intelligent management system combining the physical and the virtual, resources and services, people and libraries.


* Zhijiang Cultural Center


Zhijiang Cultural Center is located at No. 300, Jianghan Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, by the Qiantang River. It covers an area of 258 mu (about 17.29 hectares), and has a construction area of 320,000 square meters. The center has convenient transportation and direct access to Metro Line 6. Construction of the center began on 28, February 2019, and it officially opened to the public on 29, August 2023.
This center is the largest modern cultural complex built in Zhejiang province. It consists of five main functional buildings: Zhejiang Library, Zhejiang Museum, Zhejiang Intangible Culture Heritage Museum, Zhejiang Literature Museum and a public service center. The core design concept of the center is "Jiangnan" and poetic landscape. Although the four pavilions are independent, the overall image is unified. The public service center is located underground, creating a harmonious relationship between the architecture and the landscape.


* Construction Progress of Zhijiang Library





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